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  Wednesday, 13 July 2016
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i was reading about Daath on your site yesterday.... and i found it very interesting that every letter has a specific meaning combined with others...almost telling a story.... and that every letter has a number...... - it was written that for instance Tav, stands for The covenant..... or Ayin for the eyes you perceive with..... so i was wondering if anyone could tell me the meaning of each letter..... so combined i could finally understand words better. (i found a list with the hebrew letters and their names, but not their meanings...which i think is the important thing about it.... the meaning.... :) )

ive always been a big talker, never able to shut up,.... being a nice human being, but always talking... and im not proud of it at all..... thinking of the fact that every single letter has a very deep meaning it made me think about it a lot..... and that i should probably be more careful with any kind of words that leave my mouth :)

so what would be very important for me is the actual meaning of the single letters.... because its them who turn into words, when combined..... its them who send out energy into this world... either blissful or harmful.... so fore me understanding these letters means everything at the moment.... its like a key to a deeper knowledge of myself,... others.... and things in general...

thank you in advance :)))

im looking forward to an answer

lots of love,.... tamara