Thursday, 26 April 2012
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This is more of a statement than a question. I have been truly searching my entire life (44) years for the meaning and understanding of what life is about. I have heard of gnostic teachings earlier in my life, but then I could not grasp it (understand it). I have searched through many religions, tapped in to many faiths, studied art and sciences, and on my own I came to the realization that it was all related. About 4 or 5 days ago I stumbled across the YOU TUBE publication of the SEX dvd. I did not know it was gnostic teachings. It truly was moving when viewing it how my eyes were opened. I showed my wife and my teenage kids and quickly researched where the publication came from. I AM SO EXCITED. I joined as a member of this website and everyday since, my entire family is happy to be on the TRUE journey that will bring everlasting life. I HAVE TO CONVEY THIS TO ALL INTERESTED. Use your life experiences, and throw out what was taught because GNOSTIC truly connects all you already know to be true in to an understanding one can identify with. YOU WERE BORN WITH THAT INNER SPARK!!! :)
10 years ago
I must say the more I learn these teachings the clearer are my understanding of my own personal experiences and my dreams and visions. Dreams and Visions, I ran and denied myself true understanding my entire life of these things. Why? I was scared I did not want to know. All of that has changed. At 44 soon to be 45, I am amazed at how much I do not know. LOL These teaching make me feel good. I must admit though, putting this in to practice, even on the most elementary level, is the hardest challenge I have ever faced. to put it in simple terms. I just had to share that. :)
10 years ago
Okay I truly do not understand the negative one -1 on the vote thing. If I indicated in any way that don t like my own post it was truly unintentional. Still a baby ;)
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