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Dearest Seekers, Shalom to you all!

In an earlier question of mine, instructor Lion of Judah suggested that I read The Revolution of Beelzebub. I am in the process of doing so and I was struck by the honourable Master Samael Aun Weor's suggestion that one should tackle one defect at a time. He used the analogy that if a hunter chases 10 hares/rabbits at once he will triumph over none.

In reality defects feed off each other and are related, so to exclusively focus on one defect alone is not possible, but I hear the essence of what the courageous Master was saying. Focus on one and the concentrated effect will be better and you will make progress - this is what I believe is the ethos of the notion he is putting forth.

Having considered the above, I immediately chose lust as I feel it is my chief defect and something that my innermost has been guiding me to overcome. I therefore kindly request the following from the instructors:

- Any links to books or articles or any key information that will help me specifically with this defect of lust
- Any mantra's or other practices that may assist with this specific defect
- Any other resources in any form (articles, music, books, videos, discussions, mantras, meditations etc.) that may help me focus my spiritual practice on my lust in an aim to comprehend it

Lust comes up the most every day. And I have resolved to face it methodically under the guidance of Gnostic wisdom.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated!

Much gratitude!
6 years ago
Accepted Answer
Study these texts, especially "Blue Time or Rest Therapeutics" in The Revolution of the Dialectic!
6 years ago
Accepted Answer
Study these texts, especially "Blue Time or Rest Therapeutics" in The Revolution of the Dialectic!
6 years ago
Thank you!
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