Friday, 13 November 2015
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I would like to know if you have some information about the Lost book of Nostradamsu. Or some interpretations. I would like to know the oppinion of everyone who stumbles over this question of mine(you didn't read it because of an accident), if that may be possible. Especialy about the part from 7:37minutes onwards in the video (page 66 till 72). What is your interpretation of this pictures.

Page 70 seems very interesting, for there seems to be an alignment of 3 planets pointing to the zodiac cancer, which seems to look to the center of the milkyway or something (I have no clue about astrology. is there some event like that?), plus the rune kenaz and in the rune 3 moons. 3 Moons for trinity, but then again why moons? Destroing the moon nature of humans? Or is it enlightenemnt from this point on, because kenaz is also a representand of the sun and knowing and such. I have the feeling, that page 70 is for the time right now (I sense strong changing energies in the air since the beginning of the year) and that 71 onwards will happened very soon.
71 and 72 are confusing for me. I have absolutely no clue about 71 and then there is 72. The hagal rune with a feather in the wheal of life, without spokes. A stag which has seemingly dog paws. And to virgins one with hair the other one seemingly without hair. I do not think, that it is the zodiac, because if it would be the zodiac, he wouldn't have made a mistake regarding the hairs. Also I guess 71 is the zodiac gemini and virgo. ???

Thank you for ready!
And sorry for the spelling mistakes ヽ(^。^)ノ
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