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  Saturday, 17 October 2015
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Master Samael Aun Weor (May Light Never Leave Him) States:

1.Every Atom Consits Energy, Matter and Conciousness.
Energy is Related to Electron - ?
Matter is Related to Proton - ?
Conciousness is Related to Neutron ?

Please Correct my statments.

Secondly, is truth That God is One Who is Able to Be Aware of every Atom Conciousness Who Beats in this never ending Universe of Light ?

There's Mystical Experience.

"Ocean Of Awarness"
To Be Very Very Very Much Aware of Everything Inside for moment in Eternity...

Thank you Very Much.
8 years ago
1. Matter, energy and consciousness cannot be strictly correlated to proton, neutron, or electron, since these are energies that constitute matter and serve as vehicles for consciousness in multiple dimensions.

2. In the world of Chesed, one can experience the number of atoms of a person, since this is the world of mathematics and of Atman, the world of the mist of the fire.

Study Igneous Rose!

For thirty years I sought God. But when I looked carefully I found that in reality God was the seeker and I the sought. -Bayazid al-Bastami

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