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My friend is really sick. She has a serious brain injury and she is in a coma. Doctors said the chance for her to wake up is rare and that she will remain in this state for a long time. And it might get worse and the brain might not function.

I understand that one can appeal the the Temple of Alden to seek help from the Masters. I have some questions regarding this:
- Can I write on behalf of my friend?
- In this case, do I need to do anything to let the Masters know that it is my friend who needs help.
- Do I need to sign the letter with her blood.
- Do I need to say any prayer for this to be effective?
- It is said that we need to exchange some good deed to heal the sick person. In this case, Am I exchanging my good karma to heal her?

Another unrelated question to the healing: When a person is in coma, where is her soul (out of the body?) ? How could we help/guide the soul so it is not being influenced by negative forces/energy?

I really appreciate your help/answer.
7 years ago
Yes, you can intercede on her behalf. You can write a letter. The recipient will see the astral component of the letter, which will convey more than your words can. Write a simple letter with the facts of the case, and the recipient will know what needs to be known.

You do not need her blood. You can use a bit of your own if you wish, since you are the one writing the letter.

Your prayer can be your own words, from your heart.

Everything has a cost, this is how nature works on every level. In such a case, the sick person owes the debt. You can offer to contribute to the alleviation of the debt, if you wish, by whatever means you wish. But be very careful: such negotiations are serious. Do not offer what you cannot pay. I recommend that you attempt to find out through dreams or visions what you can do; your Being will guide you.

A coma is a disconnection between the psyche and the body. It is similar to what happens when we dream, but is obviously stronger and more intense.

You can help the soul by reading scripture near the persons body, especially scriptures about death and dying that guide the soul. You can also recite prayers, conjurations, etc., as these will clarify the atmosphere and help the soul in turn.

"Do not worry; cultivate the habit of being happy." - Samael Aun Weor

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