The Degrees of Power of the Fire

1.     The cerebrospinal nervous system is formed by: cerebrum, cerebellum, medulla oblongata, and spinal medulla.

2.     The medulla oblongata connects the cerebellum with the sacred spinal medulla.

3.     The medulla oblongata is intimately related with all of the so-called “involuntary functions” of our organic system.

4.     The medulla begins on the top of the spinal canal and ends in the first vertebra of the coccygeal region.

5.     The spinal medulla is a cord of gray and white material.

6.     The gray matter is in the center of the spinal medulla and the white matter in its periphery.

7.     The gray matter is formed in its conjunction by innumerable nervous cells and a multitude of nervous fibers.

8.     The white matter is formed by nervous medullar matter.

9.     All of this matter looks as if it is suspended from the medullar canal.

10.     The nourishment of this fine medullar matter is performed by means of the delicate web of membranes that are around it.

11.     The medulla and the brain are surrounded by a powerful liquid mentioned by Mr. Leadbeater in one of his books.

12.     This marvelous fluid protects the medulla and the brain.

13.    The medulla is totally protected by a marvelous covering of innumerable tissues of greasy matter.

14.     The medulla is divided into two symmetrical parts, which are completely demarcated by two caesuras: the caesura of Silvio and the caesura of Rolando.

15.     The “canalis centralis” exists throughout the length of the medulla.

16.     The Brahmanadi runs throughout the length of this medullar canal from the chakra Muladhara until the chakra Sahasrara.

17.     The Kundalini rises throughout this nadi until the Brahmarandhra.

18.     The Brahmarandhra is septuple in its internal constitution.

19.     Each one of our seven bodies has its own spinal medulla and its Brahmanadi.

20.     The Kundalini is constituted by seven serpents.

21.     These seven serpents are the seven Radicals.

22.     These seven serpents of Devi- Kundalini are the seven brethren of Fohat.  These seven serpents of Devi- Kundalini are the seven degrees of power of the fire.

23.     The septenary constitution of the human being is:

  1. Atman: the Innermost

  2. Buddhi: the consciousness, the Divine Soul

  3. Superior Manas: the Human Soul, Willpower, Causal body

  4. Inferior Manas: the mind, Mental body

  5. Kama-Rupa: the body of desires, the Astral body

  6. Linga-sarira: the Vital (Ethereal) body

  7. Sthula-sarira: the physical body

24.     Each one of these seven bodies has its own spinal medulla, its Shushumna-nadi, and its Brahmanadi.

25.     Seven are the serpents: two groups of three with the coronation of the seventh tongue of fire that unites us with the One, with the Law, with the Father.

26.     These are the seven levels of knowledge.

27.     These are the seven doorways of the seven great Initiations of Major Mysteries.

28.     Only the terror of love and law reign throughout these seven doorways.

29.     The human being raises the first serpent through the First Initiation of Major Mysteries.

30.     The human being raises the second serpent through the Second Initiation of Major Mysteries, and likewise successively.

31.     The human being who raises the seventh serpent converts himself into a Maha-Chohan.

32.     The spinal medulla penetrates the fourth ventricle of the brain, and after having passed through the third and fifth ventricle, reaches the chakra Sahasrara, which is situated in the superior part of the crown of the head.

33.     The vertebral column has 33 vertebrae.

34.     The cervical region is formed by seven vertebrae, the dorsal by twelve, the lumbar by five, the sacrum by five, and the coccygeal by four vertebrae.

35.     These vertebrae are connected among themselves by fibro-cartilaginous cushions.

36.     These vertebrae are septuple in their constitution, because they exist in each one of the seven bodies of the human being.

37.     Each one of these vertebrae corresponds, in the internal worlds, to a holy chamber.

38.     As the human being causes the Kundalini to rise throughout his spinal medulla, he is penetrating into each one of the holy chambers of the temple.

39.     Each one of these 33 chambers is septuple in its internal constitution.

40.     The seven aspects of each one of these 33 holy chambers exactly correspond to the seven degrees of power of the fire.

41.     We are penetrating within the first aspect of each one of these 33 holy chambers with the first degree of power of the fire.

42.     We penetrate within the second aspect of each one of these 33 holy chambers with the second degree of power of the fire, which belongs to the Ethereal body.

43.     We penetrate within the 33 holy chambers of the Astral body with the third degree of power of the fire.

44.     We penetrate within the 33 holy chambers of the Mental body with the fourth degree of power of the fire, and likewise successively.

45.     We christify our seven bodies with the seven degrees of power of the fire.

46.     We know the mysteries of the seven great Initiations of Major Mysteries with the seven degrees of power of the fire.

47.     Our entire personality must be absorbed within the Purusha.

48.     Our entire personality must be absorbed within the Innermost.

49.     The three Thrones must be awakened to liberty and to life.

50.     This is how we prepare ourselves to receive our resplendent Dragon of Wisdom, our Cosmic Chrestos, that incessant breath from the Absolute who lives within the depth of our Being.

51.     The human being is converted into a Cosmic Chrestos when he receives his resplendent Dragon of Wisdom.

52.     Jesus of Nazareth converted himself into a Cosmic Chrestos when he received his resplendent Dragon of Wisdom in the Jordan.

53.     John the Baptist was an Initiate of the Cosmic Chrestos.

54.     An eternal breath exists within the heart of every life.

55.     All of the breaths of life are the Great Breath emanated from the Absolute in the dawn of the Mahamanvantara.

56.     All the breaths are resplendent Dragons of Wisdom.

57.     The Great Breath is the Cosmic Christ, the Army of the Voice, Kwan-Yin, the Melodious Voice, Avalokiteshvara, Vishnu, Osiris, the Central Sun.

58.     After having raised the seven serpents upon the staff, the human being then, after some time of work, prepares himself to receive his resplendent Dragon of Wisdom.

59.     That is the “descent of Christ into the human being.”

60.     I, Aun Weor, received my resplendent Dragon of Wisdom, named Samael, Logos of the planet Mars.

61.     I am the Kalkian Avatar of the new Aquarian era.

62.     I am the Cosmic Christ of Aquarius.

63.     I am the initiator of the new era.

64.     I am Samael, the planetary genie of Mars.*

* - To properly understand the identity of Samael Aun Weor, it is necessary to understand the relationship between spirit, soul , and body as explained in the Kabbalah or in esoteric Buddhism. The terrestrial person or human soul (Tiphereth) is not the same entity as the Innermost (Chesed, the Inner Buddha), or our Father who is in secret (Kether, the Logos, Brahma). Samael Aun Weor repeated many times that he, the terrestrial person, was no one important, but his Innermost, his Purusha, is the Archangel known by many names, such as Samael, Ares, Mars, etc. Thus, these lines are written as from the Innermost, the "I am," speaking through his servant, the human soul. You can learn more about this at

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